Toilet Repairs

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Toilet Repairs

Need a Toilet Repaired?

Toilets go by so many names like the dunny, the porcelain throne, the latrine, the porcelain god, and potty, just to name a few. We give these names because while they may be something we’d rather not think about, they serve an incredibly important role in our world.

When a toilet malfunctions, it can make a building unusable because we have to have a way to dispose of human waste. It can also create a sanitation mess, not to mention property damage. Fixing clogs or breaks correctly ensures you do not have any unintended damage.

More than a Clogged Toilet?

Most people think of a toilet repair as dealing with a clogged drain. When your toilet does clog, it is not always merely as simple as something you can plunge. Extremely large and dense bowel movements and foreign objects can cause clogs that are not simply fixed with a plunger. When you attempt to solve these in this manner, you risk breaking the seal or bursting a pipe.

However, other problems occur with a toilet that needs attention as well. The seal of the tank on the toilet can break, leaking water all over. Flappers or chains inside the tank can malfunction, leading a toilet that will not flush or will not stop running. The float mechanism can also malfunction, which can cause the water to continue running or fail to run at all.

Take Care to Not Crack the Commode

When you do have a major leak that a plunger will not solve, it is tempting to grab an auger and attempt to snake out the drain yourself. However, toilets and pipes are easily damaged when an untrained handyman attempts to solve a clog using an auger.

Too many people will force the auger through, trying to break up whatever may be causing the blockage. However, they may not realise what they are pushing against is a bend in the piping, including possibly in the toilet itself. This force can punch holes through aging pipes, break the floor seal to the toilet, and even crack the porcelain of the toilet itself if you are very forceful.

When you are not sure what is causing the blockage, it is safest to first inspect the line and determine where the problem is and what is causing it. This also allows a professional plumber to see if there is any buildup along the drainpipe, indicating possible weak spots. When you do need to pull the toilet off its current place, you need to not only replace the wax seal but also check the floor for signs of damage from an undetected leak.

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