Burst Pipes

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Burst Pipes

Have a Burst Pipe?

Burst pipes are messy, damaging, bring your entire home to a halt. It does not matter whether it is a drain pipe or a supply pipe, it all results in the same headaches.

Dealing with these bursts is not simply a matter of putting a wrap on or swapping one pipe for another. That is why working with a licensed plumber like those at Beach Plumbing is so important.

What Causes a Burst Pipe?

Many people think a burst pipe only happens when they freeze. While many bursts are caused by water freezing in the pipe, there are several other reasons a pipe will burst.

One of the major reasons pipes will burst in older buildings and systems is because of decay. Minerals and other contaminants in the water will build up within the pipe. This can cause a blockage, but will eventually cause the metal to weaken on older piping materials, leading to a leak and eventually a burst.

Clogs are another reason why pipes will burst. Many well-meaning homeowners will take a plunger to a clogged drain thinking it will push through whatever is causing the backup. Likewise, pressurized drain openers are a popular way to try to deal with clogs. Either of these can force a burst in a weakened pipe.

Unsecured pipes are also prone to breaking. These pipes can move around inside the walls, weakening them. When pressure is then applied to pipe, it can lead to a burst.

Water pressure is the other thing that can cause a pipe to burst. When too much pressure is applied to a pipe the seals for the pipe can be stressed, and weak points in the pipe can lead to a burst.

How to Fix a Burst Pipe Properly?

Fixing a burst pipe is not a simple task of taking out an old pipe and replacing it. Rather, you often have to cut the section of old pipe out, and then fit in a new pipe. The other issue is that you are fitting a new section of pipe onto an old pipe, which can cause a weak connection, leading to a new burst.

When our professional plumbers work on a burst pipe, we inspect the rest of the pipe, both upstream and downstream from the burst. This may include a camera inspection inside the pipe to look for other weak points. This way you are ensuring you are fixing the entire problem, not just one symptom.

After ensuring the pipe is fully fixed, you want to be sure to investigate any possible remediation for water damage. This will prevent future problems like the development of hazardous moulds.

Beach Plumbing has been a trusted plumbing company for North Beaches for over 15 years. Our licensed plumbers are dedicated to ensuring you get the entire problem fixed correctly, the first time. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with one of our professional plumbers.
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